The thermal support at Kempston Controls is industry leading, adaptable, knowledgeable, and innovative.

A selection of the applications we can support are shown below.

Modernisation and System Upgrade

Kempston Controls offers an upgrade path that includes installation and recommissioning services for obsolete parts and controls that were replaced by the adoption of obligatory design codes. To satisfy today's strict design regulations, our specialists will suggest improvements and the best technology that offers increased safety, energy efficiency, or superior emissions performance.

Maintenance of Combustion Plants

Kempston Controls can handle any service-related problem you may have and guarantee the best possible customer support. You can be sure that Kempston Controls is a responsible partner with unmatched engineering expertise, system knowledge, and a forward-thinking technology mentality.

Our strategy is built on the unwavering interaction of all variables; whether it is a certified spare component or the avoidance of unplanned downtimes, it is constantly bolstered by the expertise and experience of the Kempston Controls team.

Since no two plants are the same, we don't offer a generic standard service; instead, we supply the necessary combination of abilities and skills to meet your needs. A service concept whose focus and scope are coordinated with you and is customised to your needs. You determine which factors - price, quality, and availability are most important for your plant.

Project Management

Kempston Controls offers the expertise and technology for all thermal processes, including turnkey solutions, individual modules, traditional firing, and feasibility studies. Years of experience guarantee seamless project execution, even in tight deadlines. We have a clear knowledge advantage over our competitors because we are at the forefront of technology. Kempston Controls is your partner in combustion technology, helping with everything from idea and basic engineering to assembly and commissioning.

System Optimisation

Losses from combustion plants are detrimental to the environment and financially draining. Up to 10% of the fuels utilised are often squandered. Modern industrial fire facilities should therefore strive for maximum efficiency. Long downtimes or increased costs are not necessary outcomes of optimisation. Modifications to controllers or burners frequently result in noticeable gains in plant efficiency. Weak-point analysis is one of the modernisation tools that Kempston Controls offers to help with the optimisation of the selected components.

Spare Parts

It makes sense to keep necessary consumable replacement parts on hand to minimise downtime in the case of an emergency. Kempston Controls can provide advice on spare parts and consumables that need to be changed on a scheduled maintenance cycle for all essential pieces of equipment and machinery. Can't keep extra components on hand? For thermal applications, Kempston Controls maintains an unparalleled stock level, with most items available for next-day delivery.

About Kempston Thermal Solutions

The Kempston Thermal Solutions Team at Kempston Controls can help with product selection, breakdown assistance, installation, and commissioning of new equipment, in addition to guidance on combustion plants.

We can also provide scheduled maintenance and repairs, backed by the largest authentic spare component inventory available.

What we can offer

  • New Burners
  • Complete Combustion Systems
  • Spare Parts
  • Repairs
  • Installations, Commissioning & Maintenance
  • Plant consultation on energy efficiency, modernisation, and revamping
  • Onsite technical support
  • Service agreements
  • Operator maintenance training
  • System upgrades and retrofits
  • Inspections and recommendations

Typical industries we operate in

  • Automotive
  • Aluminium
  • Bricks
  • Ceramics
  • Forging
  • Food
  • Glass
  • Gypsum
  • Heat Treatment
  • Incineration
  • Paper
  • Iron Ore

Meet the Team

Dean Lucas - Commercial Manager

Dean used to work for Eclipse Combustion, and he always wanted to start his own thermal solutions team that provided the best possible client service. On January 5, 2016, Kempston Controls Thermal Solutions was established. With more than 150 years of combined experience in the thermal business, this committed team offers complete turnkey solutions.

The journey has been difficult and emotional at times, but he is proud of the prospects our customers have because we have the best thermal team in the nation, excellent suppliers, and cutting-edge goods.

Stephen Howells - Business Development Manager

Throughout his lengthy career, Stephen has worked for some of the largest brands in the combustion business.

  • Eclipse Combustion
  • SAACKE Combustion
  • North American Study

His application expertise is extensive and includes everything from melting glass to preparing bread. well-known in the field for thinking creatively and assembling the necessary resources to deliver the ideal answer.

Stephen is the person to contact for any needs you may have, including upgrading and maintaining current equipment or installing new combustion systems.

Andy Crate - Thermal Sales Executive

Andy has over 15 years of experience in the combustion sector where he excelled at managing all aspects of Combustion Service Departments. This included putting into practice project management, installations, commissioning, breakdown callouts, scheduled maintenance, and project management for a range of diverse sectors.

Andy's experience has enabled him to provide on-site support to our clients by identifying spare parts and system components, reducing downtime, and increasing plant efficiency.

Andy thrives on assisting our clients in running their operations safely and effectively. He has a strong customer focus and an acute attention to detail.

In his free time, Andy loves to travel the world and has a strong interest in sports.

Mike Evans - Combustion Solution Engineer

For almost thirty years, Mike has been employed in the industrial process heating and combustion sector. He now has a great deal of expertise in project management, fluid dynamics, process control systems, heat balancing and efficiency analysis, pipeline and instrumentation design, and combustion systems engineering and design.

Mike has a great deal of experience with products and applications from suppliers like Aventics, Eclipse, Maxon, Kromschröder, Honeywell, Hauck, Siemens, Dungs, and ASCO.

Faraz Mir - Internal Technical Support Engineer

After working on engineering, procurement, installation, and commissioning projects for clients in the Middle East and the North Sea for more than ten years, Faraz joined the Thermal team in 2022.

He has experience with a variety of product lines that are part of Thermal's extensive portfolio, including Asco, Aventics, Honeywell, and Siemens, to mention a few. He has worked in design engineering and project management, exposing him to a wide range of clients and vendors worldwide.

Matthew Law - Combustion Solution Engineer

Before joining Kempston Controls in 2020, Matthew spent 24 years working for Kromschroder in the combustion industry. During this period, he has developed expertise in project management, design, commissioning, maintenance, and spares for combustion systems engineering.

Regarding the thermal market, which includes manufacturers like Eclipse, Maxon, Kromschroder, Honeywell, Hauck, Siemens, Dungs, and ASCO, Matthew has extensive understanding of products and applications.

John Sheahan - Combustion Solution Engineer

Description- John's career began with an apprenticeship at Midland Motor Cylinder, where he honed his skills before transitioning to IPSEN as a Service Engineer. Co-founding VAS Ltd was a highlight, followed by enriching international experience with KANTHAL in Sweden.

His journey continued with roles at VFS and later Busch VFE, reflecting his dedication to professional growth. Despite facing health challenges in 2023, John remains committed to his career path.

Kempston Thermal Solutions Product Line

We can support many applications a few of which are detailed below.


Industrial kilns with normal operating temperatures of about 1300°C are found in high-temperature thermal processing. Utilised in numerous industries, such as glass, ceramics, and other applications involving heat treatment.


Industrial boilers are robust containers that hold water and produce steam or heat. While the steam energy can be used for manufacturing processes or the mechanical propulsion of machinery, the heat is primarily used to heat water.


Industrial washers are specifically designed washing machines. They disinfect and clean trays, containers, tools, parts, and other items. Their main applications are in the processing and manufacture of food.


Waste products, including plastics and non-renewable resources, as well as harmful gases, are burned safely and effectively in industrial incinerators.


Industrial melters that operate at 750°C are commonly employed in the aluminium sector. Numerous versions exist, such as Crucible Melters, Tower Melters, and Tilting Melters.


Holders are built to endure extremely high temperatures and are either lined with ceramic materials or constructed of them. Usually applied in the field of metallurgy.


Before processing, industrial dryers make sure that any excess moisture is taken out of materials and products. For materials that flow freely, fluid bed dryers work well; for clumped particles or sludge, rotary dryers work best.


A wide range of manufacturing facilities utilise oxidisers to address air pollution and other hazardous emissions.


Operating at temperatures as high as 1750°C, industrial furnaces can be either direct-fired or indirect-fired and are used to supply heat for a variety of industrial processes. They are mostly employed in the smelting, heat treating, and tempering processes of metallurgical production.


Industrial ovens, or low temperature thermal processing equipment, are utilised as heating chambers for baking, drying, and curing at temperatures typically around 250°C. Industrial ovens are used in many different industries, such as electronics manufacturing, automotive, chemical, and food processing.