Comprehensive solutions and support for Industrial Automation, Motor Drives, Machine Safety, Industrial Controls, Energy & System Management Applications

The Kempston Automation & Controls Solutions Team are on hand to ensure your company doesn’t falter when faced with the challenges and demands of the modern industrial world.

Automation Support

Expect diligent support during your implementation of new installations and existing system upgrades, reconfiguring processes, and the replacement of obsolete parts. Our partner network can help ensure that both you and your machinery are fully supported when faced with the constantly changing industrial landscape, the challenges of Industry 4.0, and interfacing with older technology.

Drives and Motion Control

Our drive partners and technical teams can provide the perfect solution for you. We can help you deliver energy saving projects with detailed payback reports demonstrating the benefits you could gain from upgrading to the latest technology and drive systems. Kempston Controls can help you reengineer existing starter systems and guide you during new installations, helping to save you time and money.

Machinery Safety

Meeting and understanding the latest safety regulations can be daunting. Our certified Machinery Safety Experts are here to guide and offer support to ensure that your working environment is as safe as possible. Combining our own specialists and by working closely with the industry’s leading manufacturers we can provide a range of services, including Risk and PUWER assessments and stop-time testing. Utilising quality training and support we can help you get to grips, and correctly administer new safely regulations.

Industrial Controls

Our technical teams are backed by hundreds of key industrial manufacturers which means we can support you with every aspect of industrial control. From power supplies to circuit protection, sensors to contactors, when you need support with new projects or replacement components Kempston Controls can find a viable solution.

Industry 4.0 and the IIOT Challenge

The IIOT and Industry 4.0 world can be a daunting prospect for even experienced engineers. The knowledgeable teams at Kempston Controls can help guide you through the rapidly evolving landscape of the digital and data driven connected industrial world. With countless manufacturers providing viable solutions our experienced technical teams can help educate and support you with choosing the perfect technology for your application.

Systems and Applications

In tandem with carefully chosen partners we combine all our services to offer our customers comprehensive solutions from concept, design and build to machinery and plant installation and commissioning. We are experienced in providing solutions for specialist industries such as Food & Beverage, Hygiene, ATEX, Renewables and more. The Kempston Automation & Controls Solutions team is here to keep your processes functioning.

Kempston Automation & Controls Solutions

Providing solutions and support for Automation and Control installations is our bread and butter. Backed by our growing network of manufacturing partners, our inhouse experts can ensure that you get perfectly crafted highly engineered solutions, whatever your application.

What we can offer

  • The help you need to install and set-up Industry 4.0 and IIOT devices in your installation.
  • Ensuring your working environment is kept safe and meets the required standards.
  • Evaluating your processes and keeping them operational via the identification and replacement of aging electrical equipment, improving efficiency.
  • Providing energy monitoring and energy saving solutions.
  • Process improvement using the latest technology, sensors, and controls.
  • Technical product solutions and services for ATEX installations.
  • The range of our Automation and Controls services give us the scope to offer a range of solutions.
  • Service agreements.

The Team is ready for any challenge – let us find your ideal application solution

Industries where we excel

  • Building Automation & Control
  • Chemical Processing, Manufacturing
  • Renewable Energy, Solar, Wind
  • Materials Handling, Conveyors, Packaging
  • Industrial Machinery, Press Tools
  • Printing Paper and the Textile Industry
  • Recycling and Environmental Solutions
  • Warehouse and Logistic Operations
  • Robotics and Automated Processing
  • Food and Beverage Production

Kempston Automation & Controls Product Line

We can support many applications a few of which are detailed below:


Smart Farming methodology improves crop yield. Having the correct sensors, acquisition set-up and data management systems to provide model based predictive control systems is essential.


Automated manufacturing processes, robotic processing lines, machine vision systems and more are growing in end to end production installations delivering cost-effective manufacturing.

Consumer Goods

Automation and control systems are reducing human input during complex and time sensitive supply chain processes, improving process through-put and operation.

Drives & Controls

Automation, and the specialised drive technology that keeps it moving is rapidly expanding in its use. Monitoring, control, and sensing components are in high demand.

Machine Building

Modern manufacturing processes depend on machine control systems with advanced technology, open communication and digital twinning via Industry 4.0 technologies leading the way.


Manual packing processes can be costly and inefficient. Automation and the utilisation of digital methods to manage orders, track shipments and monitor quality will help streamline and reduce costs.

Steel & Heavy

PLC and SCADA control systems are an advanced means of controlling, monitoring, and analysing industrial devices and processes. Consisting of computers, networks, and user interfaces.

Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics can be expensive, so making efforts in reducing expenditure and maximising efficiency is key. Enhance supply chain management with automated solutions.

Food & Beverage

Automation has provided the Food & Beverage industry with the evolutionary tools for them to easily monitor their supply chain, reduce labour expenditure, and protect employees from injury.

Gas & Oil

SCADA, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems embedded with the Oil and Gas processing and mining industries gather data and valuable information from remote locations.


Automation and Control has been invaluable in improving the processing, the quality control, error detection and in enhancing the accuracy of the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.