Supplying complete solutions for applications involving process and HVAC systems

Numerous applications are supported by us, some of which are listed below:

Modernisation and System Upgrade

Kempston Controls provides an upgrade path for out-of-date parts and controls that were replaced by the advent of obligatory design codes. To satisfy today's strict design criteria, our specialists will suggest improvements and the best technology that offers increased safety, energy efficiency, and/or improved emissions performance.

Knowing What Works

With Kempston Controls' broad range of HVAC and control products, this knowledgeable team has the basis to provide you with better service. They are supported by reasonable pricing, outstanding stock levels, and first-rate service.

This dedicated team, which receives ongoing training from top manufacturers on the latest advancements in design and technology, can find both high-end brands and budget-friendly options to meet your demands.

Controlling the Process

The recently established Kempston Process Team offers decades of pertinent industrial experience to enhance our offering and assist in offering technical product solutions for your upcoming installation or retrofitting project.

Outstanding Brand Access

Our extensive product portfolio gives the Kempston process team access to nearly every product combination from globally recognised companies, enabling them to source just about anything.

Spare Parts

It makes sense to keep necessary consumable replacement parts on hand to minimise downtime in the case of an emergency. Kempston Controls can provide advice on spare parts and consumables that need to be changed on a scheduled maintenance cycle for all essential pieces of equipment and machinery. Can't keep extra components on hand? For thermal applications, Kempston Controls maintains an unparalleled stock level, with most items available for next-day delivery.

The Kempston Process & HVAC Solutions Team

With decades of significant industrial experience under their belt, the Kempston Process & HVAC Solutions Team is knowledgeable about what works and what doesn't. With Kempston Controls' offerings and their knowledge and training, they can assist you in finding the products solutions you need for your upcoming installation.

Along with commercial spares, building controls, and BMS peripheral equipment, this committed team also helps management firms, system integrators, and mechanical contractors.

All of this is supported by expert technical assistance that will help you integrate your chosen HVAC and process control hardware into your system with ease and handle any necessary future upgrades. This assistance is available before, during, and after the installation process.

What we can offer

  • Provide direction on replacing outdated or worn-out components.
  • Energy Efficiency Consultation.
  • Modernisation & Process Optimisation Expertise.
  • On-Site & Remote Technical Support.
  • System Upgrades Tailored to Your Needs.
  • Replacement of Obsolete Components.
  • Inspections & Strategic Recommendations.
  • Site Surveys for Critical Spares.

Challenge the team here at Kempston Controls to deliver your solution.

Typical industries we operate in

  • Food & Beverage
  • Hygienic Applications
  • Domestic Applications
  • System Integrators
  • BMS Installers
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • M&E Contractors
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Architects and Construction
  • Boiler Houses
  • Renewable Energies and Biofuels
  • OEM’s

Kempston Process & HVAC Product Line

Extensive Product Knowledge

The Kempston Process & HVAC Controls Team is available to assist you in selecting the appropriate components from a wide variety of stocked items, such as:


Sensors guarantee the effective operation of various equipment and are an essential part of every successful HVAC and process control installation. Among the sensors you could require are position sensors, pressure switches, gas sensors, temperature sensors, and flow switches.


Process metering guarantees that hazardous, flammable, and caustic compounds are handled properly and in strictly regulated settings in the facilities that process them. Among the equipment available are progressive cavity pumps, dispensing valves, and flow metres.

Valves & Actuators

Process control valves, such as gate, globe, and butterfly valves, are essential to the process industry for controlling the flow of gas and liquid media. Valves are opened by actuators. Valve actuators with pneumatic and electromechanical components offer stability, dependability, and efficiency.

Level Detection

The majority of sensors used in level measuring applications are level detecting sensors. Non-contact devices are common and include capacitance, optical, and radar sensors. Float switches, paddle sensors, and vibrating forks are popular choices for physical contact detection.

Pressure Sensors

Numerous industrial sensing applications are served by pressure sensors and transducers, such as vacuum gauges, piezoelectric sensors, and barometer sensors. A pressure sensor or strain gauge of some kind is used for everything from weighing a product to checking the pressure in an oil pipeline.


Determining the temperature of a boiler or a specific zone inside HVAC installations is crucial for efficient, cost-effective operation. Similarly, safety is jeopardised in installations like industrial ovens or burners that lack systematic control and thermostat-based temperature monitoring.

Heating Controls

There must be a way to operate the equipment being monitored, such as a kiln, industrial oven, or home boiler, in conjunction with temperature monitoring devices like thermostats. Installing a heating controller allows for that kind of temperature management.

Flow Devices

Flow metres, which include vortex, Coriolis, and piston metres, as well as variable flow, ultrasonic, and turbine metres, are used by flow devices to measure flow rate. The process of calculating the flow of a bulk fluid, such oil, through a facility or plant is called flow measurement.

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