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General Electric was established in American in 1892 after the acquisition of Thomas Edison's company, the Edison General Electric Company and two other businesses. Since then GE has grown to command a demanding presence on the world stage with an enormous portfolio of products to their name.

Featured GE Products

Featured General Electric Products

Via innovation and through acquisitions, General Electric's extensive product range encompasses everything from Digital Gas Turbines, renewable energy solutions, transportation, the IoT, defence initiatives, factory automation to low voltage power distribution and so much more.

Kempston Controls, as an authorised dealer for General Electric, stocks a very comprehensive offering of products available off-the-shelf to ensure your power distribution, industrial automation and process control needs are fully catered for.

Some of the vast array of General Electric Products that you will find at Kempston Controls include:

  • Circuit protection: RCB0s, RCCBs, MCCBs and MCBs
  • Industrial contactors and overload relays
  • Pushbuttons, actuators and enclosures
  • Fuses, mechanical interlocks
  • And so much more…

Industrial Low Power Solutions

If you are looking for a contactor or perhaps an RCBO, RCCB or a pushbutton actuator, Kempston Controls will be able to provide everything you need for your latest installation. Even if it the General Electric item you require is not currently stocked Kempston Controls can source the perfect GE product to suit whatever your industrial automation or low voltage power distribution application requires.

Our dedicated sales team is more than happy to help you with your order and if you have a more technical query our technical helpdesk is always happy to help. You can call us on +44 (0) 01933 411411 or email us at, or

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