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Lascar Electronics is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of data logging devices. Originally established in 1977 manufacturing a range of digital panel meters and associated power supplies Lascar Electronics witnessed rapid growth and by 1994 had released its first EasyLog data logger.

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Today, their impressive range of data loggers includes the EasyLog USB range that can store temperature, humidity, voltage & current data to remote cloud-based data loggers such as the EL-WiFi-TH that can feed a constant live-stream of information over the internet for viewing from anywhere in the world.

Essential Product Data

From monitoring a refrigeration unit when shipping foodstuffs or vaccines that must be kept at a certain temperature to the amount of current drawn by an electric motor, storing valuable data is becoming essential in today's digitally-based world.

Lascar Electronics also produce the PanelPilot series of intelligent HMI touchscreen displays where you can use dedicated software to design your own unique visual interfaces along with the more traditional LED and LCD panel mount counters and indicator meters.

Whatever your application, the exceptional range of Lascar EasyLog data loggers and advanced smart display products are ready and waiting at Kempston Controls to help you take your process data monitoring, control and visual interfacing to the next level.

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